Orange Tree kicks off!

Back in August as we sat together with a mentor we were identifying needs of our community today, and it is not unknown to anyone that education is the need of the hour in order for our community to develop. For the past few years, NGOs and the private sector have been working diligently to fill in the gap between classes using the tool of education and one such example is the Kiran School System functioning in Lyari. In the fifth year of its running, Kiran School has successfully prepared 93 children and their families for a better standard of living and quality education and is now planning to start up a community centre.

Orange Tree, an adaptation of the Kiran School System was only a dream until a few months ago and starting this season, we have taken our first batch of twelve families. An idea or dream that crossed our minds a couple of months ago, finally materialized as we shortlisted these 12 families from Lyari, Azam Basti and Gizri. Regular sessions for the students and mothers took off from the 16th of January, 2012.

The first week primarily focused on settling in the kids and their mothers. The enthusiasm and response we receive from these families on a day to day basis is nothing less than overwhelming. However, as we conclude our first week of school we have to come to realize that the responsibility of 12 families is indeed huge but we believe that our team is all set to take on the challenge! Click here and see how you can help!

None of this would have materialized in a time span of three months had it not been for the unconditional support from our mentors, donors, volunteers and our overly-enthusiastic team.

In today’s time, where insecurities surround us, I believe that if there is anything valuable you can give to a family, it is the gift of education. It’s an asset that is not only benefitting the kids and securing their future, but it is an asset that is beneficial to their generations to come! So come forward and join us in our cause and help us Support. Encourage. Educate.


One response to “Orange Tree kicks off!

  1. Hello kids, im so glad and proud to see the responsible and do it urself attitude u all have shown. I have always believed that its the youth who make or break nations. Im also one of many devoted/loving fathers, trying to contribute by assisting youths be self employed. All the best. May Allah be with u all, aameen

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