Oranges go red!

After ten days of diligent efforts in welcoming and adjusting the 12 kids and their respective mommies from Lyari and its adjoining areas, the Orange Tree (OT) celebrated its Red Day on the 26th of January 2012. Dressed in red and white the management of OT was seen quite excited and well prepared for this celebration.

The day started off with joyful activities that brought the mother and child together in a beautiful gesture of ‘my heart is your home’. The moms cut out hearts and wrote messages on it while to the same heart the kids left an impression of their red painted, cute little hands.

Followed by this activity, was the circle time in which the management sung baby rhymes while the mother and kids danced along. “When you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands”, is what the kids enjoyed the most as they jumped in their red outfits complimented by red little stars pinned to it.

The story time of the red day was about a ‘Little Red Hen’ who asks her cat, dog and tweety friends for help and they all eventually end up sharing their food. The moral was certainly about how sharing is a good virtue and it was pleasantly delivered in a red tone. Another activity for the day was passing the red bear around and winners, Fardeen and his mother Rozina were gifted a red shiny toy pencil.

The day came to a wrap with the combined lunch time where everyone sat together to share their home-made meals as well as a treat prepared by the volunteers in which kid’s ever favorite strawberry red jelly in silver cups was given out and the moms enjoyed their samosa’s and tea with, red ketchup.

Ironic for the Orange Tree to be celebrating red but the love and affection that it purely established today is indeed a matter of pride and inspiration for all.

Written by Mina Kidwai.


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