Come one, Come all – OT Open House!

by Hafsa Khan

The mothers and children waited eagerly to welcome people to their school. They knew they had prepared so well to make sure their guests today have a good time. Hence, they waited; the children, their mothers and the team behind it all. Every effort had been done from their end to make sure that the Open House at Orange Tree on the 25th of February proves to be a success. Finally, the bell rang to put an end to the waiting period and slowly and gradually, guests started pouring in.

Behind all of the cheerful faces lies a great purpose. Each person from the team of Orange Tree has an ambition; an ambition to do something extraordinary, to create an impact and to set an example in society for others to follow. Every dream has a beginning and for this team, Orange Tree is just that. It runs with the sole dedication of every child, every mother and every working member.

Consequently, the open session was one arranged to introduce the team of Orange Tree to the rest of the city. Although we have our ‘branding and marketing’ plan limited to our personal networks as of now, the team, after taking the parents of these children into confidence decided to host an Open House day where we could invite people from all walks of life to come over, see our little haven and interact with our little wonders and meet the team as well as the parents of the children enrolled.

The event itself proved to be a very fruitful one. It became a way of moving forward. Getting acknowledgement from everyone makes every individual feel good. Therefore, it is always very encouraging for a child when someone comes and appreciates your work and this session provided an opportunity for just that.

Everyone who came in had lots of feedback and wishes for the team and the children and it really served as a boost for the team and those enrolled with us. Events like these, I feel, are important for not only increasing the confidence of the students, but to allow them to meet with people belonging to various walks of life.


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