Support our Mothers, Encourage the Team, and Educate our Kids!

What was most heartening for the team was that not only did members of the community (some with absolutely no reference) joined us at the Open House and gave us a lot of positive feedback, we also had all our families come in and see what we were really doing.

Funny how all this time our parents (who are the driving force behind each of our team members) thought that we were joking around but that day, they walked out of that place extremely satisfied knowing that their children were close to reaching that sense of responsibility towards community, the sense that they had been drilling in to each one of us since the beginning of time..

One word of appreciation from someone you look up to is extremely fulfilling and right when you think something has drained you and things won’t last, you receive just that ample amount of motivation that keeps you on your toes. Without those unspoken words, that one smile has such value that is difficult to spot the feeling that was instilled in our hearts as our families came in and encouraged us.

Members of our extended family came in and shared valuable feedback with us. Everyone who walked through the door that day brought in a whole lot of energy and positivity and filled our little haven with so much love that we felt absolutely overwhelmed. With each one of these wishes, prayers and suggestions, we do feel a little more responsibility coming our way, but as long as we are backed by such amazing individuals around us, there is nothing really that can come our way!

In the true meaning of our tagline, every guest who walked in that day came in to ‘Support our mothers, Encourage the Team, and Educate our kids!’

Thank you to everyone who made it! Your contribution to Orange Tree is extremely valued! For those of you who missed out, stay tuned via our Facebook page because we will be having similar sessions to keep this an interactive support program.


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