Kiran School System’s 5 year Acknowledgement Seminar

It was an overwhelming moment for all of us when we entered the five years completion ceremony of Kiran School. This was one of those moments that I know we would all remember. It only feels like yesterday when we had our first meeting with SabinaAunty about the initiation of Orange Tree. Our whole team was beyond inspired by her work and dedication and so, as we entered we were even more amazed.

The set up was beautiful and the hall shined brightly with sparkling faces of young students from Kiran School. Their faces showed their excitement. It was the first time that their school organized an event on such a scale. Thus, it was an exalting moment for all. Let’s say it this way,  when we entered we fantasized to ourselves about being here at one point in the future where Sabina Aunty is today.

As the performances and speeches began, different children who had graduated from Kiran School came up on the stage to give their input to the event. These kids not even ten years of age, came up and took the stage sharing with us their dreams and convincing us of how, one day, they intended to make Lyari a better place.

One of the students, Hamza, spoke about how he wanted to be an engineer when he grew up. He believes that Pakistan needs its own engineers and machines to solve it’s problems. He elaborately explained his plan about making a machine which would be hidden under the ground on the streets of Lyari and whenever someone would throw litter, the machine would automatically throw it back at them so that they do not litter next time.

The children also performed on songs like Mai toh Dekhounga by Strings and Heal The World by Michael Jackson  and touched the hearts of the audience.

With such confidence and such high hopes, they showed us how life truly extended beyond the four walls of our houses.

The volunteers and teachers of Kiran School also took this opportunity to speak about how much they had learnt in these five years and how this school was not just limited to it’s students but it engulfed and resolved the entire community’s problems.

What touched us the most, perhaps,  were the speeches given by parents who were called to the stage. Uzair Butt, father of Afnan and Abdul Sami, spoke about his increased employment opportunities after joining Kiran School System and how much he adores Sabina aunty for guiding him and looking out for him. The outstanding mothers teared up and addressed the audience thanking them for being there for the people of Lyari in times when even their relatives had not been there for them.

Dr. Ghaffar Billo, the Chief guest at the event, spoke about how impressed he was with the work of Kiran School, especially Sabina Khatri and how he was grateful to people like her for coming forward and serving the community.

Yes, therefore, it felt even more heart warming when the Orange Tree team was recognized at the ceremony. With that said, it definitely increased our confidence and faith in our own project at that moment more than anything else.

Even if they are just kids, their passion is still inspiring. Every individual carries with themselves the power to do great things. However, I feel, to move towards the path of your dreams, the driving force needed is that of passion. As Sabina Khatri explained her future plan of creating a model home for the families of Kiran School, it came across that she had just that; the passion required to move forward, to take this project and make it into bigger than it already is.

Many might think it is not a big deal to run a school and teach little kids but when Sabina Aunty spoke about the conditions in Lyari and when we saw her continued efforts towards spreading peace and love among the children of Lyari,   Rafeef Ziadah’s words rang in our ears replacing them with, “She teaches life, sir, as grenades drop over Lyari.”

What I realized that day was that at the initiation of every such project lies an individual, who inspires many others to join in his/her struggle. This initiation can then change a whole society. What we need to realize in this all is our own role; the true importance of the individual and the self and its effect on the rest. As Marianne Williamson said:

“Personal transformation can and does have global effects. As we go, so goes the world, for the world is us. The revolution that will save the world is ultimately a personal one.”

So what are you waiting for? Work on yourself and the society will in turn correct itself!

-Hafsa Khan


One response to “Kiran School System’s 5 year Acknowledgement Seminar

  1. Ms Rukhsana Ashraf

    Its such a beautiful feeling to see the untiring dedication of sabina and the team May Allah bless u

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