65 and counting


The thing I absolutely love about August in our country (well other than monsoon) is the fever of patriotism that spreads like a viral through every corner of every street in each city here!

My beloved turns 65 this year and as the day comes closer we see a fever and increased energy levels, whether it be in terms of Facebook updates with green all over or the green flag stalls on every corner or the green and white merchandise and of course, the green and white flag that marks the beauty of the Land of Pure. Streets that remain flag free rest year round are lit up with shades of green and white. Pictures of patriotism flood the internet with every Pakistani oozing with love for their country and its people.

The question here is why this fever is so short lived? Why must we wait another 11 months to revive that spirit? Why do we throw away our flags as 14th August comes to an end? Why are we unable to carry on with the same zeal and energy for the rest of the year?These questions no matter how simple they might seem carry a heaviness that most Pakistanis today might understand for today all of this seems evident to each and every one of us.

Even though 65 years later we do carry the flag with our heads high today, we have overtime forgotten the real essence of green and white. The Pakistani flag today carries the beauty of 14th August while back then it was much more. It was a symbol that carried with it the feeling of a separate nation, the ray of hope, the unity of all existing groups. It was more than a piece of cloth. It was an ideology.

Even today on the eve of Independence Day if I go for a walk outside, I will see the flag waving high on top of buildings. But somehow we all know that there is a major difference of perspective when we are celebrating independence today as we did 65 years ago. That simply being that for us independence is on the 14th of August while for those of the time, it was on every day of every year that followed. It is the mark of freedom after years of struggle and fighting daily battles. Hence they understood Independence in its real form because they are the ones who really worked hard to give us the land, culture, history and beauty that lies within the boundaries of this nation.

This was something that was just not to be taken for granted. Every day of freedom had to celebrated with heads raised up high in honor of the ideology that is Pakistan!

Nonetheless, this does not mean that we today, abandon the festivities of 14th August. One cannot and should not let go of the feeling of patriotism that still exists; wherever and whenever it does. Even if many of us take out these flags only once a year, that single day is still an opening, a new beginning.

For those of us who have lost hope in this nation, know that change has to start from somewhere. May it take a single day or years to come it always needs an origination, a point where it all began. Therefore, the worst thing at this stage would be to loose it. This is the only thing our fellow countrymen held on to 65 years ago during their struggles.

If we promise ourselves today that we use this 14th August to not just display the flag but believe in it, work for it and strive to make it better, make us better!

Happy In Dependence my fellow citizens, let’s make the 65th year a good chance to join the two words and understand the real meaning of it.



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