Blue Day at Orange Tree

What can be more satisfying than to work for the betterment of our society? At the beginning of the day my expectation from Jaag’s volunteer work was not more than a certificate. But once I got into the program, my priorities, my objectives, my life changed! Blue day with little oranges was tremendously amazing, I never thought I’ll have this feeling of bringing a change in the society which we are part of. Holding a child’s hand and walking through the beach is one of the finest feelings. My dad always taught me to work for a good cause, which is not only the part of our good deeds but also the source of inner satisfaction. The beach trip made me all dirty, tired and hungry but when I saw the children smiling, playing around with the water and waving to the helicopters flying, it showed me the importance of enjoying the nature and of learning to make the best out of the day.

The outstanding feature of the blue day was the unspoken pleasure, joys and happiness reflected in the shinning eyes and the glowing faces of the children and their mothers alike. This oppressed and deprived community of our society is not exposed to these pleasures. When exposed I saw them overwhelmed with excitement and emotions, initially I saw them completely lost but gradually they realized that it was all real and no dream and then the children seized to be children and mothers seized to be mothers. It was all fun and fun and fun, the mothers forgot there sufferings there deprivation and at that very moment what they had known was nothing but happiness and joys. What else would have made me happier then these unforgettable moments of happiness?

The whole activity was well conceived, planned and executed. The sea water has it magnetic effect and that is why the cost line always remains saturated with from all walks of life and all age group. Even the watch of the waves would involve you so much and that you tend to forget about the sounding and lose track of time. Most of these mothers and children have visited the cost line before too and I learnt that each time they came the attraction of cost line never decreased and they were still looking forward for the next visit.

        Blue day is certainly marked as a great experience, a memorable day and an amazing trip of my life. I am someone who’s really fond of children and at orange tree, I met dozens of 2 to 4 year old kids which of course made me happy and gave me a reason to continue volunteering over there. The spirit of helping others to earn God’s blessings is best reflected in Muslim society. The greatest charity for a Muslim is to learn/ acquire knowledge and then pass on to other Muslims. Knowledge is the most wonderful thing in the whole universe. That is why there is nothing greater then knowledge being imparted by one human being to another.

Written by Gaity Khan(volunteer at Orange Tree)


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