Commemoration of the 1953 Student Movement

Jaag joined hands with Beena Sarwar, daughter of Dr. S M Sarwar and helped set up a commemoration ceremony of the 1953 Student Movement at the Arts Council on 9th Jan 2010 with an audience of over 1200 people from around the world. The 1953 Student Movement was one of Pakistan’s only Student Movements that made an organized effort towards fighting for student rights against the Ayub Khan regime. Dr Sarwar was also the founder of the Democratic Students Federation(DSF) which was one of the most influential student unions of its time. The commemoration ceremony termed as “Looking Back to Looking Forward” honored the 1953 activists through a documentary screening produced by Beena Sarwar and Sharjeel Baloch, poetry by Fehmida Riaz, renditions by Tina Sani, inspiring words by I A Rehman (Director HRCP), Rahat Kazmi, Aliya AmirAli (Quaid e Azam U

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niversity Islamabad), Amar Sindu (Proffessor, University of Sindh and music by the Laal.


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