Jeevay Pakistan – 14th August 2011

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Once every year, Pakistan faces a deep dilemma of freedom and independence. The contrasting IMF strings and innumerable USA invasions through drone attacks has left Pakistan quite speechless about its stagnant and lingering progress. This 14th August also, we witnessed the same confusion. In fact bearing with ‘Karachi’s Economically Suffocated Challenges (KESC)’, counting the number of  nameless but ‘Pathan-Muhajir’ victims of Target killings and having lost the World Cup to top the icing, mostly Pakistanis felt embarrassment wearing green and white or even identifying with the flag.
However among the same nation, was a group of youngsters from  Jaag Meray Talib e Ilm, rahnuma and E Pak TV who gathered together to relive the spirits of young Pakistanis, to recall the value of a Pakistani life and to honor the lost lives of our Forefathers during the struggle for Independence.

On 14th August 2011, from II Talwar, Clifton at 4pm, the students successfully carried out a long walk till Kothari Parade under the banner of ‘Jeevay Pakistan’. From a diligent ‘Jeevay Pakistan as a Facebook Event’ to a realistic waving of massively sized Pakistani Flags complimented by loud Chants of ‘ Pakistan Zindabad and Jeevay Jeevay- Pakistan’, the advent of these young patriots concluded with a beautiful National Anthem ceremony.

The idea of this walk was to testify the power and ability of Pakistan to rebound and recover. Be it Flood victims or Terrorist attacks, an almost collapsed HEC system or suspension of Judiciary and its Chief Justice, critically isolated Provinces or ruined writ of states,  Pakistan has grown above all failures and managed to pull through. The Nation has over and again, set their hopes in the apparent democratically elected Government and has stood responsible in making a positive change in Pakistan.

On reaching the Kothari Parade and having sung the National Anthem, the loud speaker system enabled a few individuals to engage the crowd in a dialogue that was much anticipated for Independence Day celebrations. Among those was Mina Kidwai, a student from SZABIST reflecting upon ‘Flag Recollection Drive’. This was an individual initiative on Facebook about how to sanctify the Pakistani Flag by not letting it loiter around in rubbish. According to Flag Recollection Drive, the flag that doesn’t speak a language or reside in a politicized state deserves the due respect as of a pure asset of Pakistan. Mina requested everyone to collect any unattended flag around them and it could be later ‘brought to justice’. Abadan Mohajir recited his powerful verses and made the audience relive a Jalib experience. Alyzeh Rizvi, a student from Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, collected resolutions for the next year for Pakistan from all the attendees, Rahnuma facilitated a sign board where attendees penned down their thoughts and E Pak TV arranged for a photo booth at the Kothari Parade.

Jeevay Pakistan is one of those motivating Youth movements that has kept our nation hopeful and connected. If these young individuals can proudly proclaim their identity and so very passionately embrace Pakistan as their birth place, then the only possibility for Pakistan is to constructively formulate into a nation of strong principles, ethical constitution and neat International relationships. Jeevay Pakistan is a testimony to the fact that Pakistan will rise to outshine the rest of the world.


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