Summer Mentorship 2010

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After rigorous interviews and training sessions, Jaag along with Madadgar Welfare Trust selected 20 internees from all over Karachi and adopted SAMS Academy in Mehmoodabad No. 5. Language Training and Teaching workshops were given to over 150 students for six weeks. Renowned speakers and teachers were invited from all over the city to give training sessions to the teachers and the students.
We also renovated and painted the building ourselves and set up an art room and a library.

This project was sponsored by Dentists & Associates, Assess Solve and Apply, Candyland, LU Biscuits and Rahnuma and facilitated by Muneer Ahmed Shaikh from Madadgar Welfare Trust. The Mentorship Program ended with a Culmination Ceremony at Gujjar Club on 12th July 2010. Senator Nisar Memon graced the event and awarded the internees and participants with certificates.


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