Volunteers at Summer Mentorship 2010

  Faizan Abbas– Student

Initially my expectation from Jaag’s mentorship was not more than a certificate. But once I got into the program, my priorities, my objectives, my life changed!

Jaag kay aaj mulk ko zarurat haai tumhari!


Sameer Mirjat– Student

An idea that changed minds, a thought that made things possible…Jaag Meray Talib-e-Ilm. The democratic awakening of the youth, by the youth. An idea that has now transformed into an ideology and I am honoured to be a part of it. Jaag Meray Talib-e-ilm, kay tu he hai Pakistan!

Muhammad Ali– Student

To work at the JMT Summer Mentorship Program was an awesome experience. Team Jaag had a vision to provide education to the under privileged children. Not just it increased my experience but also made me realize a lot of things, we take for granted in our daily lives. Jaag is a supporter of all the unsupported and Im proud to be a part of it.

Falak Haneef– Student

Jaag has been my first work internship. And i can proudly say it was amazing not just because I had friends along with me but it was over all a very good experience. Working with students and helping others really takes nerves and we did it. I am glad Jaag gave me an opportunity to work with them 🙂
Really looking forward for future plans!

 Fatima Zia– Student

It was an amazing experience working with Jaag and its members. I d id not want to waste my summer vacations at home and wanted to do something meaningful that just not benefits me but also helps the society in some way. Jag provided me an opportunity with their summer mentorship program 2010. I worked as a mentor for their summer mentorship program 2010. The school in which we were teaching was so far away from the area I live, but still I did not mind at all waking up early and going to teach because the feeling at the end of the day cannot be explained in words.

Aeman Malik– Student

When you talk about feeling of pure satisfaction and immense pride in oneself, you find them in helping others. Such was the experience when I, my college friends worked as a Jaag mentor. Teaching the poor kids from the Mehmoodabad abadi of Karachi was an extraordinary experience for me where i learnt patience, mingling with others, loving others and obviously some teaching skills. I think that education can change the whole society. If such volunteer works are done on frequent basis, and poor and eager-to-learn kids are taught in their own homes, I believe many of our social problems will diminish and eventually root out themselves. I really enjoyed working with “jaag” and I feel proud to be the part of Jaag-ian.

Waleed Tariq– Student

I was a part of the JAAG team of Summer Mentorship 2010 which carried out English Language training to the students of SAMS Academy Mehmoodabad for six weeks. This was the first time I participated in any voluntary educational programme, it truly was a learning experience and apart from teaching the students, I also learned a lot from those kids. I learnt how to appreciate little things in life and each and every moment without complaining and making a fuss on pity matters.I am thankful to team JAAG for organizing a well planned venture and also giving me the privilege to be a part of it and serve for such a good cause.

 Anum Qureshi:  LLB Graduate

I heard about the Jaag mentorship program from a friend and got one of the most rich experiences of my life. It was overwhelming to see such a dedicated group of young individuals taking a step towards bettering our homeland and I was lucky enough to be a part of it. It was a humbling experience to see the other side of the coin of our “high standard” lives. All in all, the dedication of the whole team, the co-operation and organization among everyone of us made it all the more rewarding and fun! I extend my gratitude for the opportunity and my support for the future. =)

Natasha Khan: LLB Graduate

This summer I heard about the Jaag talib-e-ilm organization from a friend and worked with Jaag for a month. It was an absolutely amazing experience. It felt really good to see that they are still people out there who want to improve the condition of Pakistan and want to help the under privileged children of our society in making a better future for themselves. I honestly feel that working with Jaag has changed my outlook towards life. It has made me more open to the lessons that life offers which I hope to incorporate into myself. I look forward to working with these dedicated individuals for the betterment of Pakistan.

 Sara Muzammil – Student

When I first came across JAAG I was expecting it’s program to be full of errors like any amateurish venture. I’m proud to say that I was proved wrong on my very first day. It was flawless, with enthusiastic and determined people carrying out tasks in a systematic and intelligent manner. It was different because it gave me a chance to give back to the country not in material form, but through hard work and interaction with the real ‘people’ of our society. What I like best about JAAG is that it isn’t one of those temporary feel good ventures that youngsters indulge in. It’s here to stay.


Sonal Arshad – Student

During summer vacations, in extreme heat, in a place far far away from home, JAAG MEREY TALIB E ILM gave us the opportunity to experience something none of us will ever forget. The summer mentor-ship programme was an eyeopening, inspiring experience and the children we worked with were definitely worth all the hard work and effort. I had the best time working with the kids and I feel I have learnt so much from them. Jaag has taught me so much and brought a sense of unity and patriotism in us as students, it inspires us to work towards making a difference in whatever way we can and I am proud to say I’m a member of it 🙂

Hafsa Khan– Student

Working with Jaag for the summer mentorship program has been a great experience! Teaching and interacting with students always enables you to learn things you never knew and this mentorship program provided exactly that. It was even more special for me because I got to interact with women who came from all walks of life. The summer mentorship program with Jaag has opened way for me to interact and work on more projects with this organization and the experience so far has been completely worthwhile!

Osama Iqbal- Student

Spending 6 weeks with Jaag at this proagramme was a great experience. It was this mentorship programme through which I was able to find the passion I had for
teaching. Teaching kids, playing and partying with them, painting the
school was an absolute joy. I would like to thank the whole Jaag team for this great experience and successful projects ahead.

 Munazza Saeed- Student
I worked with Jaag on their project called ‘Jaag Merey Talib-e-Ilm Summer Mentorship Program’. Its object solely was to educate the teachers and students of a ghost school by teaching them proper English. The school we worked at is in Mehmoodabad, Karachi and is known as Sam’s Academy.

Working over there, I learnt that there are a lot of people who don’t know English but they are very eager and keen to learn it. They came from economically challenged backgrounds with no proper schooling roots, still whatever we taught them, did make a difference.

People at Jaag were absolutely amazing. Determined and dedicated, they worked so hard and made it all possible. The Jaag campaign is doing a lot for this country and they are ones who will surely bring out a different Pakistan-one we all dream of.

 Alizeh Gohar: Student

Working experience with JAAG was actually my first internship experience ever and I must say it was a really tough one. But I really felt like it was one of the good things I have done in my life and I am really glad something like JAAG came up, giving me the opportunity to work with them in order to make Pakistan a much happier and successful country since it aims to provide the underprivileged with better education and language skills. The idea of giving the students of SAMS academy a government school in Karachi’s slum area, was a very thoughtful and courageous intervention by JAAG and I loved the entire experience since it made me feel like I am actually an active citizen working for the successful of Pakistan. The students there were very motivated to study and were very much keen to learn more.  Long live JMT!

Samah Sohail- Student

I really liked the whole idea and experience they were going to offer so I decided to work there.  It turned out to be even better then my expectations. Everyone was very cooperative and it was a friendly environment. I learnt a lot, especially how to deal with teenage students. I loved my students and I still miss them a lot. Overall it was an extremely amazing experience. I thank everyone from Team Jaag for giving me a chance to be a part of this program.


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