What is Orange Tree

Our new project “Orange Tree” has been launched since January 2012. This is a Montessori inspired by the Kiran School System in Lyari. We have admitted 12 children from underprivileged areas of Karachi, namely Lyari, Mehmoodabad and Gizri .They have been selected after a rigorous screening process and profile evaluation of the parents and child to ensure authenticity and commitment.

We aim to find individual sponsors for each of our students so that once done with our Montessori training and giving them a good foundation, we can admit them into mainstream schools. Our team consists of talented teachers and administrators, who shall be running the Montessori. Not only this, we will be focusing on the child’s grooming and personal growth.  If you opt to be a sponsor you would be taking care of the education of the child and Jaag will be the liaison between you as a sponsor and the child. Jaag will also monitor the continuous progress of the child through this time.

The Montessori is located in Khadda Market, Karachi and all the donors/sponsors are welcome to visit the Montessori monthly to observe the project. We urge you to please help us fight the silent education emergency that our future generations are facing and enable us to work towards an educated progressive Pakistan.

We request you to please come forward and help us in taking this step of improving not just twelve lives, but generations for our society.

For details of pledges, please see the Pledges Page.

Orange Tree on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/OrangeTreeMontessori

Email: teamorangetree@gmail.com


2 responses to “What is Orange Tree

  1. what we would have to do in that???

  2. amazing its a good idea.with it you can literate our youth nd enhance their literary nd artistic pursuits.best of luck nd inshALLAH that types of school will bycout the cramming system from our country 🙂

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