Meet the Team!

“To live is to act”

The youth has no allegiance to any creed, we are not subjects of those who dare to be our leaders. Ours is all of PAKISTAN and in our Pakistan there is no us nor them. We are all ‘a’ Nation, we share the same suffering and dreams… So why should we not rise together for our collective future.

To me Jaag is my retribution, Jaag is my contribution but above all Jaag is my Hope!

– Ahmed Shah

If you want to venture into something exciting, you feel for the country and want to help in some-any-capacity, and meet enthusiastic and like minded individuals, then Jaag is the place for you! What started as a group of few college students who didn’t want to be mere spectators and believed in action, is now a growing body. Taking in new young and energetic members and new projects, Jaag is (InshAllah) going to be an organization with a vision to grow bigger and better to things for its people.  Jaag- kuin keh iss mulk ko hai bachana.

– Hiba Q Dharamsey

My association with JAAG, since it’s birth in 2009, has been a revolutionary experience. Being a die hard patriot and dreamer, I believe, our country could do with some young blood, dreaming big and bold, in these times of distress and misery. JAAG Merey Talib-e-Ilm is the voice of every young Pakistani who struggles and hopes for a better and brighter Pakistan, yet fears to be heard. It has given me a chance to be part of such a wonderful team and do my little bit in something big.

I hope and wish to see this country keeping true to the dreams of it’s youth and awakening to a new dawn.

– Amna Emran

Warren Buffett once gave some great advice about philanthropy to an upcoming NGO:

“Don’t just go for safe projects,” he said. “Take on the really tough problems.”

I have been associated with Jaag since its inception in 2009, still remember our very first event which was a protest. Since then we at Jaag have been working as a team, with a basic aim of empowering the students of Karachi and uniting them under one platform to raise their voices on a particular issue. I think Jaag is an exemplary form of social entrepreneurship, it’s a dream come true for me.

I along with Bemisal and other core members, help sett strategic priorities for Jaag, monitor results, and facilitate relationships with key partners, such as Media, educationists, celebrities and government officials for all projects. I strongly believe and emphasize that every action we take at Jaag has to be guided by one simple question: How does this help improve the lives of the people we serve?  This way we only focus on projects which actually make an individual’s life better.

We at Jaag are optimists, Jaag has a huge potential of becoming one of the largest student based organization in near future. I believe by doing these things—focusing on a few goals and working with our friends and partners on innovative solutions—we can eventually one day help every person get the chance to live a healthy, productive life.

-Nabil Abbasi

Hello people, I’ve been associated with Jaag since its start only and have been contributing all I can to it’s projects since then. For me working for the betterment of the society is not a choice, it’s a duty mandatory on every Pakistani, and thus we all should find all possible excuses to give in our talent, our resources and our knowledge and help the weaker members of the society grow.

We at Jaag work as a team without any hierarchy which is the best part as it encourages all members to play at their best. Jaag expands its team before every project also by partnering with other student organizations on important issues: Extreme poverty and poor health in rural areas of the country, the failures of Pakistan’s education system. We focus on only a few issues because we think that’s the best way to have great impact, and we focus on these issues in particular because we think they are the biggest barriers that prevent people from making the most of their lives.

To be honest Jaag team is not as serious as my write up above, we enjoy what we do and God has blessed us with the ability to make every event a fun event so that we can see maximum energy from all those involved in it. Cheers! I wish Jaag all the very best, and Pray to Allah to show us the right path and keep guiding us.

– Ibad Abbasi

It’s hard to define the kind of importance Jaag holds in my life. We started as a bunch of self-driven passionate group of youngsters, thinking it wouldn’t last this long, but here we are, two years down the road, a dozen of completely diverse projects, a hundred new friends and countless acquaintances and still hanging in there trying to do our tiny bit for a country that has given us everything.

Past two years have been so exciting with each one of our projects and collaborations, that I only wish for it to grow and continue to inspire the lives of people around us. So if there’s a simple way of putting this:

It’s what keeps me grounded, it’s my Umeed e Seher 🙂

– Aqsa Tariq

Jaag- a bunch of students who rose up against injustice, our inspiration was Faiz, our agenda was the common man and our goal was to restore peace.
Our only resource was zeal and spirit, we faced criticism, we faced hardship but the question mark in the eyes of the common man kept us on the track. In the span of two years we have culminated several projects on education and flood relief but the most significant achievement of Jaag is that it has bridged the gap between the rich and the common and today all work together for a common goal.
Jaag might have not been able to solve all the problems of the society but we can face the next generation and claim that at least we tried. With every passing day our conviction is strengthened, lazim hai ke hum bhi dekhay gay!

-Hussain HasanAli

Jaag meray talib-e-ilm has been one of the most motivated student organization I have worked with. The members think out of the box creating endless possibilities  to the project they commit to working step by step! I wish them all the very best. Because a journey of thousand miles begins with a single step. Jiyay jaag

-Manaal Memon

It’s funny I was after everyone’s life to send me write ups for what Jaag means to them and now when it is my turn, I just can’t seem to express it. Four years ago, I was forced to read an article by a friend about sharks. Everyone has a shark in their lives. That keeps them on their toes, forces them to face reality, keep working, running, fighting and struggling. This shark (read:passion) is what keeps every human being alive, living life, struggling with it, loving it, hating it, competing with it and cherishing every bit of it.

I have always believed in resolving problems by taking action and being proactive about it. Finding solutions and making them happen. The call for action through Jaag Meray Taalib e Ilm is my shark.

– Bemisal Iqbal

I have been associated with Jaag since its birth, but not as actively as other members. Back in school we used to participate in community service activities that drilled a strong feeling of responsibility and making us realize that we must do something for our fellow citizens. Working with Jaag gives me inner peace and soothes my soul as it allows me to shed off the burden of not doing good to my people. Summer mentorship program was really fascinating as we interacted and worked with people from diverse backgrounds, and the visit to the women’s jail and Darul sukoon was an eye opener for sure. I would love to make my own kids visit such places to make them realize how grateful they are and also that they need to do more for everyone and just not themselves.

Jaag is like my little baby. Where ever I go I will always try my best to participate as much as I can in all Jaag events. I love you Jaag, jeavey jeavey Jaag ❤

– Alyzeh Ali

I am a teacher by profession. Currently doing masters in IR and associated with Jaag since two years. With Jaag I explored opportunities to reach underprivileged children using the power of determination and self satisfaction as our greatest tool. Hope to see jaag achieving its purpose and me investing my skills appropriately.

– Marium Jilani

Teaching has always been something very close to my heart. When my friends and I started Jaag I knew that at some point we must do something in the field of education. And when we did I was so excited! Being mentors to students in less privileged schools and adopting them has given us a great sense of achievement. Moreover working with motivated and like minded people has been a wonderful experience on its own. No doubt we have just got out wells running and have a lot more ideas that we need to execute in good time. Education- is definitely a very important one on our list.

– Arfa Hasnain

Its a norm to sleep whilst the room is dark and what I see here is a nation engulfed in darkness, a land with the clouds of depression covering its sky. But this is no darkness to sleep in, and that’s why I am Jaag! A  patriot with a dream to change what appears impossible and remember: a dream is not one which makes me sleep, it’s one which doesn’t LET me  sleep, because I am Jaag!


Someone said,’ it is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do a little. Do what you can’. if we all think about the small things we can do to make a difference, we will see big differences. Jaag gave me that platform, to do what I can.  No intentions of changing the world, but definitely of making a difference. qatra qatra banta hai samandar, this is Jaag to me. seize the opportunity, do what you can and leave the rest to God.

– Sabah Paracha

Jaag’s name says it all ..* Wake up* for a better tomorrow, for your own rights and for others who can’t do much. I had 2 most amazing years of my life with Jaag.. I experienced that which I never did before.  The pain of homeless people without food and shelter ( flood victims), I saw a courage in young youth to change this nation into a better place( 14th Aug walk).. I saw a will of learning into kids who can’t afford good education( school project). I would like to give only one message * wake up before its too late* jaag ke naya pakistan hai banaanaa.. Jaaag ke is harey percham ko hai lehrahnaaa* 😀

– Danish Mehar

Entering into the real world, all I aspired to do was make a difference in the ailing society of Pakistan. Thrilled with enthusiasm and an inclination to revolutionize the society, I associated myself with Jaag. I’ve been part of this organization since inception and it has been a truly rewarding and fulfilling experience.   🙂

– Sabahat Hussain

Being a part of Jaag has been a very enriching and I’m not just saying that for the heck of it! Doing activities for the flood victims and other charity work has been a lot of fun . More than anything its made me feel part of something important and has given my patriotism a great boost. Agar hum mulk keh liyey nahein kareingay to phir..aur kaun? Jaag meray talib e ilm. Let’s keep the faith alive.

– Rehan Naushad Khan

Being one of the core members of Jaag.. I’m really proud of it! I feel that being part of the 5% of Pakistan’s elite population and going to the topnotch schools, its my social responsibility in fact, obligation towards the people belonging to lower income strata, (who are deprived of basic necessities) to help them become  a productive member of the society! To do that,education and awareness are two most important tools one should provide them with! That’s the primary role of JAAG!! Jaag teams up with various same-minded groups and tries to do fundraisers in order to fund the projects JAAG is running simultaneously! I’m also thankful to our generous donors for helping what Jaag is today! Jaag is still in it’s initial phase and concentrate on projects in Sindh only but with Jaag growing. You never know we can be the second Edhi of Pakistan!! Last but not the least I would like to thank our wonderful leadership Bemisal Iqbal for making JAAG to take up some wonderful projects like Montessoris, helping the flood victims and many more! To be honest what makes Jaag is its core commitee of dedicated young students who believe that there is nothing which they can’t do and helping Pakistan become like what quaid dreamt of!

– Khizer Mughal

There are very few decisions in life which make you feel proud of yourself. For me, becoming a part of Jaag is one of them. I always had a wish to do something for our society and JAAG is a platform where we can do enormous things for the betterment of the society. Starting from a protest to Jaag Montessori project, from each project I learned new techniques and  ideas to help  people. The best thing that I like about JAAG is its dynamics. It is not focusing on just one issue and waiting  around to do things when we  get the chance. JAAG members are always busy looking for opportunities to help the needy. The members are very active and always try to give their 100 percent. We are not the people who just sit around talking about poor people and their problems; we are among the ones who are really trying to solve these problems.

-Umair Mohommed

Jaag is my purpose in life. It’s the one good thing I am sure of. The one thing I pray and hope benefits the people of Pakistan. Jaag is not just another NGO or an organization. It’s an ideology, it’s a belief that we the students of Pakistan want a better tomorrow and we aren’t afraid to fight for it! Come hell or high water.

-Abeeha Mushtaq

So what is it that we think is the need of the hour? Pakistan ko kis cheez ki zarorat hai? Education? Poverty? Health crisis? Hmm wait.. There are too many!! So we have to get started somewhere. I’m done with blaming the ‘haqomat’ or the rich man. We have to start somewhere and Jaag is where I am beginning. Its small its humble and we chase what we think is important and needs our attention.

– Farwah Hasan

I joined Jaag when they did their first summer project. It has certainly been a fruitful experience! The project was basically a mentorship program where we adopted a school in Mehmudabad and gave the students and teachers over there English and conversational classes. The passion in this team was so great that it made me stick with them through all of their next projects. Let’s just say I found a little of myself in them! Ever since then I have been a core part of the team; through all of the ups and downs, endeavors and finally all of the success.
Personally, for me the project that stood out the most was the flood drive that we did for the flood affected victims. This was so because that was the project where I felt that the extent of our efforts were way more that I would have imagined. My experience in Jaag up till date has been truly amazing and one I wouldn’t exchange for the world! I hope this organization increases to even greater levels in the future Inshallah!

-Hafsa Khan

Jaag is a source of motivation for me. The kind of work that we do, the projects that we take up are all one of a kind. The experience of each is different. This organization keeps us working and making us aware of the society around us and our responsibilities towards it and it would be safe for me to say, it really does make us better human beings. The sense of realization when you become aware of your own reality and those around you and how much potential you have inside of you to bring smiles onto people’s faces- is worth it.

-Hamza Faruqi

23rd October 2009 is a day that has been carved in to my memory forever… It was the day when the Islamic university was bombed and all the education institutions of our country were given two weeks off. It was that day when we realized that it’s time for us to show action against the terrorism. It was on that day when a group of young, thoughtful students came together to form JAAG. Since then Jaag has become the platform to unite and empower the youth…. Starting from the protest at press club on the 24th of October,2009  to plays, summer mentorships and the Jaag Montessori; Jaag has always been active with student activities, uniting students from across the country.  Working for Jaag has been a wonderful learning experience for me. It has made me realize my responsibilities towards the society and taught me how to love the country and work for it in it’s blues and most importantly it has taught me the power of the matter how different or divided we may seem when it’s about our country we are all in it together.
Margaret Mead had once said “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” I see Jaag as that group of passionate students who are already set in motion in changing the world.

Maheen Iqbal


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