Sindh Mithri Relief Camp

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During the floods of 2010, we had been feeding one permanent camp at Jamshoro by the name of Mithri Sindh Releif Camp run by our SZABIST Alumni Ali Anwer Qureshi. There were approximately 500 people at this camp who had come from Jacobabad and Mir PurMathelo. The Ministry of Sports had alotted a 4 Acre plot to us in Jamshoro to set up the camp. The boundary walled plot had been the home of these people for the three months that they lived there. We had set up tents for these people along with a centralized kitchen and  provided them with food and clothing and medical facilities. We had taken up the responsibility of these people until they returned to their lands. We provided them with Eid packages, set up weekly medical camps with help from medical students and are started teaching workshops on a weekly basis at the camp. On Eid, our members visited the flood victims and a sports day was organized for the men and children of the camp followed by a Sufi night. This was least bit of solace and fun that we could muster up for these people on Eid. They were depressed, worried and did not know where they would go or what they would do once they return. They would sit for hours just staring in the air because they had nothing to do. We provided the women with cloth and embroidery rings so that they could make the most of their time while they were living at the camp. Since we were students ourselves our visits and limited to weekly basis as weekends were the only times we could afford to travel out of the city and our colleges were the least bit flexible in giving us leaves from classes to go to our camps. The Mithri Camp was disbanded in October after all the affected people were issued Watan cards and sent back to their homes with enough money and resources for them to start their lives over.


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